How to Become a Brand Ambassador

Just by passing KYC, you become part of the Coinmetro family. Welcome aboard!
Our referral system beats any other - invite a friend and you'll receive of 15% of their fees - indefinitely!

Aiming higher? Anyone of your referrals, and their referrals', rewards you directly. First tier referrals earn you 15% of your fees, second tier pays you 5%, and the final tiers gives 1%.

Our very unique referral system allows anyone to benefit greatly, even from just your best friend signing up. 15% of the fees generated from your referrals, will directly go to you.

If your referral recruits anyone, they become your tier 2 referral - and you earn 5% of their fees! There are 4 tiers, tier 3 and 4 pays 1% each.

Why should you become an Ambassador?

No system in the market matches ours. You can earn up to 23% from users who join our platform. Indefinitely - not a month, not a week, not a % - there are no plans to change our referral system!

To refer a person to Coinmetro - without any loss for the user of course - all you need to do, is send them your referral link. You can find this under the "Ambassador" tab from the Dashboard. 

A single user can have up to 5 tickets per month. 2% of all Ambassador fees go directly to the Ambassador pot. One proud ambassador wins the pot, every month! An active user on a monthly basis will give you a monthly ticket. At most, 9 referrals will result in the max amount of tickets possible.

Not convince yet? 

  • You can earn a total of up to 23% commission* from your referred clients depending on your level of influence.
  • All Ambassadors also get a chance to win a generous monthly prize pool – 2% of all Ambassador fee commission. Each Ambassador can have 5 tickets at most. The first referred user gives one ticket, if they make a trade during this month. After that, every third user gives a ticket. Ultimately, having 13 referrals who make a trade per month, will keep you at the top of the Ambassador game.
  • The reward is just a goal in the horizon - after all, you will XCM - directly - from your referrals' trades. It doesn't take much, to have some free XCM dropping into your wallet on a regular basis!

Addtionally, on the first Monday of the Month. We will hold a Raffle composed of the 2% of all of these networks of refferals.

Complete 10 refferals to unlock and participate! For more visit the ambassador section of the website here.

If you have any other questions for us, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

-CoinMetro's Customer Support

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