XCM is CoinMetro's own token, issued via the Ethereum blockchain in the ERC-20 format, but don't let the common format name make you think that the XCM token is common. 

How is XCM used? 

CoinMetro charges a base-rate 0.1% on all transactions on the platform. In order to create a strong long term value proposition for XCM, 100% of all fees collected, will be used to buy XCM directly from the order book.

1-50% of the bought XCM are then sent to the XCM Vault, where they will be vaulted for up to 5 years, decreasing supply for this time period.

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As usage of the platform accelerates, and volumes increase, the availability of the XCM token will diminish, thus decreasing supply and helping to maintain a competitive economic model for XCM.

All fees payable to CoinMetro, either on our exchange, via our platform vehicles, such as the TRaM and the ETCF platforms, or for our CoinMetro Direct related services through the CoinMetro Direct gateway, are paid in XCM. 

TraM and ETCF tokens are also priced in XCM. Tokens generated through our CoinMetro Direct Platform will be purchasable in XCM at a discounted price.

What is XCM?

Named after the International code X and CM for CoinMetro. This is our native exchange token. It is used to greet newcomers that complete their profile verification, and is also used to pay the exchange fees, and therefore a fraction of all of those as referalls, and the refferals of refferals and it goes on (up to the third level of recomendations!)

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Final Total Supply details:

The total supply was 500 million XCM, of which 300 million were on sale. 

Total COIN Distribution Breakdown:

The circulating supply is currently around 127M.

50%- Through the token Sale - 127.8M was sold and minted.
(172.2M not ever minted)
10%- Public Pre-Sale (accounts for 50M)

20%- Liquidity (100M)
10%- CM Team & Shareholders (50M)
7.5%- Community Rewards (37.5M)
2.5%- Advisor Compensation (12.5M)

Total supply 327.8M. *Not all available to the market.

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